Mother, These Tips for Comfortable Dressing During Pregnancy

Various changes in the body during pregnancy often make Mother uncomfortable and insecure when choosing clothes. Though pregnancy should not be an obstacle to continue to look attractive and comfortable, you know. An enlarged abdomen, a body that often sweats and gets tired easily, makes you need to adjust your clothing choices. Conversely, improper clothing choices can make you less comfortable and disturb your movements. Clothing guide when pregnant With solid match, existing clothes can still be worn, so only need to buy clothes and new equipment to taste. Here are some things you can do: Wear clothes that are already owned In the first trimester of pregnancy, clothes that you have still can still be used, especially those that can stretch material, such as loose shirts, sweaters, and certain pants or skirts. Choose a dark color and not too loose Choose clothes with dark colors to make it easier to mix and match. Clothes that fit the body will make you more comfortable,
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